New page is up! I’m very early this week. But, better early then late. I’ll be running around all weekend with some friends and I don’t know when I’ll be able to post. So, rather than making people wait, the page is up on a Friday night. I’m pretty excited about this update. There’s more plot in this page. Plus Ramses is finally in it, and that makes me happy.

In other news Ape Con is this weekend in San Francisco. (Thanks in advanced to everyone who picked up a postcard!) If you’re in the Bay Area be sure to check it out.

I’ve also made a Tumblr blog so people can see sneak previews of my updates. There’s not much there yet, but you can see a sneak preview of page 13. I’ve also got a redbubble page. No real reason other than I really wanted a black hoody with my logo on it. There’s also another logo I designed unrelated to Dark White. My brother’s in a band. We’re a family of artists.