Delay Unfortunately, a couple of things happening at the same time are preventing me for keeping a regular schedule. I’ve got a heavy work load coming up and some late days at the office. Everybody’s in crunch mode and I’ve got to help out. On top of that I’ve also got family commitments with the holidays and a lot of traveling ahead of me. Something had to give and sadly it’s the comic… If it was one or the other I could manage. But sadly it isn’t. I won’t be able to update for the rest of November. I’ll defiantly post at least once during December but I won’t be on a weekly updating schedule until January… Boo…… But in this economy too much work is better than none at all. So, we’ll start the New Year with new pages regularly appearing again. Same Bat time, same Bat channel.

All the best! Have fun out there. Eat tons of turkey and give and get some presents!