I’ve decided to update the comic 3 times a month instead of 4 times or every week like I’ve been doing. This means I’ll post the for 3 weeks of the month and I’ll take off one week.

I’m doing this so I can continue to work on the comic and expand my portfolio at the same time. I’ve been dying to work on animations again. And get some more digital paintings under my belt. Also in the event of a comic page taking a little more than a week to complete I won’t have to compromise on the art. I’ll be sure to update you when an off week is coming. And I’ll post my paintings and animations so you can see the fruits of my labor.

One more thing, I’ll be putting up some ads space on the webcomic pretty soon. Not too much, just one or two spaces. Eventually I plan on having my DA post one week behind the website. So if a page post on the webcomic on the first week of the month, it will post on DA on the second week of the month. I will not not delete my DA account, it will just be one week behind. This won’t be happening just yet. Probably in a month or two and I’ll give you a heads up.

I apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. Until we all get somebody driving up to our doorstep with a giant novelty check we have to do what we can to get by.