I’m having a few issues that have exploded during week.

1: My battery in my laptop is pretty close to dead. It would have been nice if my computer had put up some kind of alert other than the last minute. I’ve special ordered a new battery but it won’t get here until the 20th. That sucks… I can’t buy new computer batteries at Walgreens?

2: Pain in my wrist has been acting up. It’s traveled to my fingers. It’s becoming hard to grip things and hold on to my pencil or tablet pen. I’m hoping the pain will travel out of my finger nails and go away. That’s how science works right?

I did not want to start of the new chapter on a sour note like this. I’m going to give my body a rest, and see a chiropractor/physical therapist to feel better. My computer hates me even as I’m writing this. Stop freezing! I’ll see you the first weekend of May with new stuff.

Take care all!