Hey all! I’m afraid next week is going to be an off week for me. I have some comic related homework I’m assigning myself.

I’m doing a small run of printed comics for the first chapter. I plan on going to some local comic book conventions to try to get the word out about Dark White. I’ve been very happy with how my pages look in print for the most part. I’ve been making my pages in CMYK format so I haven’t had any major issues, with one big exception. Pages 24 and 25 are just too dark to see details.

Everything else in the book looks great so I think it’s just my color choices. I need to re-evaluate how I’m painting night scenes, since equal parts of my story accrue at night so I need to take care of this. I’m looking at this from the point of view of an artistic challenge so I’m pretty excited. How do I make a scene at night without using too many dark colors and turning everything black? Blues and muted colors seem the way to go. Maybe add some gray for mood.  When I come back I’ll post which pages I updated.