Lots of things to update. I got a lot done over the week. I fixed page 24 and page 25. They’re a little brighter and I killed off a lot of the muddy shadows. The current page matches the new style. I’m going to leave the rest of chapter 1 alone but I’ll be fixing the other pages in chapter 2 to make them match.

I’ve been working on revising the world page. I don’t feel it’s necessary for readers to have to look  at a glossary just so they can read my comic, I feel that the story should be able to stand on its own. That’s my goal and I’m sticking to it. The world page is just for people who are curious. Everything in the world page will eventually make its way into the main body of the story. Right now the races of the fairy and the drac-neen are the only people up there but it’ll grow.

The other thing that’s new is the store. I’ll be doing some small conventions here and there and I’ll be selling copies of chapter 1. As soon as I’m able to confirm what cons I’ll be going to I’ll post them on the site.  Got a lot done. I’m tired….. I’m getting a sandwich.

mmmm… sammich.


( spell check is trying to tell me sammich isn’t a real word. But I know better.)