Good Morning. I’m genuinely feeling a lot better in spirits this week. I like the way this page came out. Ares face looks a lot closer to how she looks in my head. This also brings me to 50 pages. Mini-mile-stone! Victory lap!

Unfortunately, I’m afraid next week is an off week for me, so no new page next week. I’ve gone non-stop without a break for months and now my right arm is killing me in a way that makes me run towards the nearest icepack. I’d say I have about two more pages before this chapter this complete, then I can move on towards chapter 3.

If there is anybody out there who shares my love of zombies, (seriously what’s not to like?) there’s a documentary on Kickstarter called Doc of the Dead. I feel like this needs to happen, so I’ve donated. Anybody else want to give with me?