(The following artist rant has strong language, spelling and grammar errors from being ass tired, and may or may not make sense and may be inappropriate for young or sensitive readers. Reader discretion is advised)

So… It’s a little after 1am Pacific Standard Time. That’s not too late, but considering that I’ve been up since 5:00am Sunday morning that’s a long fucking day. I didn’t even have a reason being up that early! I was just awake and couldn’t go back to sleep! So I figured, Well I’m up I might as well draw since its’ Sunday and I’ve got nothing to do.

And this page… This fucking page. Especially Death! Fuck that guy. I just could not settle on a color scheme for this character and I kept changing my mind.  I had a character sheet for this guy, but once it was on the page it looked like ass. So I changed it. And I change it. And I changed it again. Augh!

And I just HAD to have a battle scene in the first panel. Who’s fucking idea was that? Who’s writing this thing!? Oh yeah… I have no one to blame but myself…

Someday I’ll make a comic about talking carrot sticks  on a white background and it’s going to be epic.

So… It’s done. And I’m finally happy with it. I usually post pages early on Sundays anyways but at least I made my January 14 deadline. I’m looking forward to the next few pages.