Hey guys. Sorry for the place holder image. I need to take a short break before I start on Chapter 4. So unfortunately, there won’t be an update for 3 weeks. I’ll pick things up on Sunday, June 1st. I don’t want to leave you guys in the dark, so here’s what I’ll be doing during the break.

I want to get chapter 3 ready for print. I’ve got some edits to do on the cover for chapter 3 and on Page 54. Ishtar has gone through a re-write and I think her “devil-may-care” attitude was a little too close to my character Death. They have very different goals and I think that should reflect their designs. I plan on going to a couple of conventions this year and I want to have some books to sell. I’ll hopefully be able to do more conventions next year.

Advertising! I want to make some new animated ads. I want to make them look nice, so that will take a little time.

That’s week’s 1 and 2. Week 3 I will be me getting back to drawing so we can continue on to Chapter 4. Chapter 3 was very long and I didn’t get to resolve everything in it. So Chapter 4 will pick up where we left off, after that will get back to the present day time-line.

Thank you so much for everything you guys. See you in June.