Mars has come to save us before Vega can turn this webcomic into a horrible musical. Although there seems to be some confusion on which severed heads they should be collecting….


This week is Dark White’s birthday!

Actually it was on Aug 7th so I already missed it… Aw well moving on. I’m really happy. I was discourage a few weeks ago, thinking that I’ve only gotten this far into the story and I was hoping to get farther along, but I think that’s the wrong way to luck at it. I have so much more story left to tell and I’m really excited about it! Looking back at all my past pages, I think the comic has really improved. Overall, I’ve gotten a lot better at drawing these guys.  Orin looks so sickly in the old pages…


I’ve got another treat for everyone. I’ve mad a public post on Patreon. Just this once, (Or maybe every birthday) everybody gets a new wallpaper. Click on the thumbnail for the link. Hmm… that elf looks a little familiar… Hey is that Uther?



Here’s a closer look at him. 🙂


Thank you so much guys! We’ve only got a couple more pages left in this chapter and then we’re on to chapter 5!