So. I’m sick. And I think I’m writing this with a fever.  The page looks weird. Not in the self-hating-artist weird, but weird-weird. Blue is a funny color. I swear that’s the same blue from the last page. But blue looks funny.

I feel gross and cranky… I can’t breathe through my nose.

One time, in a weird fever dream, I dreamed I was in an episode of 1966’s Batman. Sometimes I can turn into animals. I’m usually a werewolf in my dreams cause I’m a nerd…

Where the hell was I going with this? I don’t remember…

Oh yeah! So. Next week is gonna be an off week, because fever and I don’t have a sketch started for this week. I’m behind on everything and I need to get back to comic-work.

Also water. I need to drink lots of water. Then I’m going to sleep.

I feel weird and dizzy but I think that’s the DayQuil kicking in.

More pages soon! promise.

Post signature: Also Amazing Arizona Comic Con was fun! Thank you everyone for stopping by!