I think some zombies are smart and some are pretty stupid. A few are smart and can remember things or learn how to do things. Like Bub from Day of the Dead. They remember things and can learn how to use tools.

Then there are zombies like this poor guy, who are a little stupid and easily confused by too many things in the way…

Our friend in the last panel is not a zombie, he’s a demon. Demons talk. (Sometimes they talk a lot…)

Easy way to tell a demon form a zombie in Dark White:

Shout: “Hey! Titus has a spider-face and weird arms! Is she Slenderman’s girlfriend!?”

If the response is “GARRRRRR” it’s a zombie.

If the response is “What did you say about my Queen!?” than it’s a demon.

Both will probably eat you.

How you become a zombie or a demon I’ll leave as a mystery for now. 🙂