Army of Zombies! This page was a nightmare but so much fun to draw! I wanted to show our “dogs” flooding the streets, but I didn’t want to spend 2 pages telegraphing that. I’m so pleased with how this came out!

And look! Gawain made it out and he’s okay! Brothers reunited at last! Everyone is happy! 😀

You may have noticed the site layout update. Updating my site crashed everything… I think it’s mostly fixed. The blog ran off somewhere and I need put it back. Text colors are a little weird but I think that’s easily fixed. I am going to have to edits some of the comments, since a couple of pages have duplicates.  If your comments were lost, I’m so sorry, it wasn’t done on purpose! ):

I’ll get the site back to normal. Please let me know if you find anything broken.


More pages soon! I have Monday off and I’m looking forward to the long weekend!