It’s been a busy few weeks. 

In between the last page and this one, George Romero passed away. I have to say a few words about the father of modern zombies. 

Werewolves, elves, and dragons are a part of our folklore. They’ve been around for centuries and we’ve passed down their stories for generations. Zombies are pretty modern. Sure, there have been stories of ghouls and voodoo-zombies. But when we think of the plague of zombies, someone being bitten and turning, no more room in hell, loved ones coming back to eat you, that’s all George.

Next to werewolves, zombies are my favorite monsters. They’re just so interesting! And sad… I feel bad for zombies. I have a different spin on zombies, and they’re not the biggest part of my story, they’re the henchmen of elves and demons.  This isn’t a zombie comic the way The Walking Dead is. But They’re in my story because I love ’em.

There’s a great documentary/comedy called Doc of the Dead. It’s on Netflix from time to time and I really recommend it.

So, I raise a bloody glass to you George. Thanks for the monsters. And thanks for inspiring a new generation of story tellers.