I cried drawing this page… I mean… It’s in my script. I shouldn’t be surprised. But I did. I’ve been kinda misty eyed before drawing scenes, but I’ve never had to brush away tears before…

This page and the last one were partially made on an iPad Pro. The line art was done in Procreate. The colors, comic gutters, text and word balloons were made in Photoshop.  I don’t upgrade technology every generation, so I agonized over getting one. Mostly over the price… I can’t say if it’s worth it for everyone, but I’m very happy with mine. Line art is so breezy on this thing! I’m amazed with how fast it is. But there’s still a lot that I don’t know how to do on it. How to I color comics on this thing? How do I draw a straight line without a mouse? How do I copy and paste!?  I’m sure all of these are things you can do, I’m just still learning how to do it. Once I learn a bit more on how to work on the iPad, I’ll write a blog post for anyone who’s interested. 🙂

I’m really hoping that this will improve my workflow. I’d like to get back to making 3 pages a month again. Maybe a page a week? That’s my goal.

More soon! We’re almost done with this chapter!