It was Thanksgiving here in the US. I ate too much turkey…

This scene has changed a lot since its original script. I’m at the last scene!  It’s emotional ride for me, not just because of the subject, but that I’m almost done with this first volume.  It’s almost a full book!

Just to give you guys a heads up. After this chapter ends, I’m going to need to take a month off and pick up the story again in February. I need to clean up my scripts for volume two. It’s all there.  But there are old scripts that need to be updated. Right now it’s a mess. But I feel like it’s a good mess. I know it’s gonna be good. I feel like this will be better than the first volume, and I thought volume one was pretty good. 🙂

It’s like I’ve been to the grocery store, I’ve got my recipe books, my ingredients, and spices all scattered across my kitchen and living room. Now I just have to put everything together and cook.


More soon!