Does that bit about spitting at the Charon sound familiar? Ronto-arc is remembering a promise he made back at page 102

I struggle with what to say on this page. It was the last page in this chapter, before I decided I wanted one more splash page to close this chapter and lead into the next one. 

It’s funny how your story changes are you write it. The original text was much different. Basically that first panel.

Ronto-arc tell his name. 

Katie says her name and stares at the fire.

Ronto-arc sighs looks at the ashes and says “Nice to meet you.”

Which is just…. lame….

That’s not what I want this series to be! That’s not my theme! But I had trouble finding out what my damn theme was! I stressed over it for months.  But I was there all along. A way to end the chapter on hope and defiance. When all is lost, you look out for each other. That’s just what you do. And if the Charon comes looking for you, you spit in his eye.

I’m really pleased with how this came out. One more page of the city! I’m aiming to post that before New Years.