New page and a new look for the website!  And some elves! And one of them is bleeding.

No more front page, but more than likely the only one who will miss it is me… I’m still playing with the design of the new site. But everything appears to be working the way it’s supposed to. If you come across any problems or broken links please let me know.

And as always, here is the Spider Forrest Comic Showcase. I’m very behind on my showcase. Don’t hold it against them. Please give their comics a read.

KASPALL: Welcome to Kaspall – city of opportunity! New arrivals please note that murder is illegal.


COOTIES: Nate, Jake, Carmen, Lori and Sam – a group of ordinary kids dealing with school, friends, parents, government agents and an alien invasion. One of them unknowingly holds the key to Earth’s fate, but he’ll need all of his friends’ help to save humanity from mind-controlling conquerers…


SUPERVILLAINOUS: The Crimson Claw is an established supervillain balancing two lives – that of a single father, and leader of a powerful criminal empire!