So how was your holiday? Mine was pretty good. I spent it visiting family and drawing elves kidnaping children.

I now officially hate nets. And I hate elves for using nets….

The elves “horses” are a cross between a horse and a wildebeest. I don’t have a name for these creatures yet. Wilde-horse? Buffalo-ponies?  Technically a wildebeest is an antelope and not a buffalo, so that might not work…

Edit:  I’m calling them gnorses. Thanks for the feedback guys!

And as always, here is the Spider Forrest Comic Showcase.  Please give their comics a read.

The Sundown Boys: What will happen to four troubled brothers when old faces reappear and incite a whirlwind of events that could change their lives forever? Light can exist even in the darkest of worlds.


LaSalle’s Legacy:   On a world similar to our own, Jonathan LaSalle meets his bastard brother, Jared, who reveals that their father had a very unsavory past. Part of that past is Rijik Van Heissler, a pirate turned zombie who is seeking vengance for past wrongs. Jonathan and Jared must work together and learn how to kill this zombie before he can kill them. But time is running out for both of them…