This page is filled with so much artist fail and I’m sorry…

I’m knocked out and drained from a hard week of work. Unfortunately, this page isn’t done. But sometimes I like seeing other artist line art from time to time, so I’m posting the page as a preview. I’ll replace this with a full color version once the page is complete.  My process is very messy.

First pass is scribbles, second pass is sketchier, and the last pass is line art. I tend to sketch in purple and my  line art is in black.

So…  regarding the figure at the top.  Is there a Death and a Grim Reaper in this comic? Are they the same person or different people? I’m afraid that’s another mystery.   😛


Colors are fixed!  I’m very happy with how the backgrounds came out on this.

Thank you so much for all of your kind words of encouragement and helpful advice. I just added my comic to Top Webcomics and The Webcomic List. I don’t have any vote incentives at the moment but I’ll add those very soon.

Thank you everyone for your help, and for sticking with me on this.  I am extremely grateful and humbled by the support.