Dark White is a Registered Trademark and all works that are a part of Dark White including but not limited to characters,  art and design, story and web art are copyrighted Lillian N Aguilar unless otherwise stated. Please respect my hard work and do not copy alter, reuse, print or distributed my comic without explicit written permission.

My comic Dark White is my dream. It is my hope to deliver a great comic to my readers and hopefully make a little money from it. I fully comply with the rules for pro bloggers set out by the FTC.


I do this not only to protect myself, but to earn the trust of my readers.

Occasionally I will give reviews for products, software, movies, websites, or books that may be of interest to comic fans or graphic artists.

The object of my review may be paid for by myself, or given as a gift. At some point I may be given an object to review and be paid to review it. I will disclose when an object is a paid review. I will always give my honest opinion and not all my reviews will be positive.

Some links to my site may be paid advertisements.  All paid advertisements will be marked as ads; this includes webcomics advertised on my site. These links will be marked as advertisements above or near the link. I will not be able to review the content of all ads or webcomics. I reserve the right to remove webcomic links that I believe are offensive.

Webcomic and blog banners on my “Links” page are sites and comics that I have read, or at least partially read, and enjoy.

The online advertising that I use are Google AdSense and Project Wonderful. You can read more about their privacy policies at the links provided below:



I use Comic Rank to track how many readers I have and how often they read my comic. It’s very useful and it’s a good motivator for me when I see how many people enjoy what I do. For more information on Comic Rank please visit there website: http://www.comicrank.com/

I am a fan of comics and sometimes I make fan art. I only make fan art for artists or webcomic artists I enjoy. Art that I have been paid for are commissions and not fan art. Fan art will be marked on images as fan art. Fan art and commissions may be in the same art gallery on my site or my Deviant Art account.

I have a tip jar set up through PayPal. If you like my comic and would like to make a donation I would greatly appreciate it. Donations to Dark White help keep up web-hosting costs, art supplies, and coffee. I want people to feel secure if they decide to tip me for my work. So I am PayPal verified. If you have any questions please ask.

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If you have any question please feel free to contact me for any reason. I will do my best to answer your question and resolve any issues. Ask me anything: darkwhitecomic[at]gmail.com

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