1: Don’t say “First.” Don’t be that guy.

2: Don’t spam. I’ve disable web links in my comments so if you post a web address your comment won’t be displayed. Please don’t use my comments to advertise your site.

3: Please be nice. We’re all friends here. I have a low tolerance for bullying. Trolls and bullies will be banned from commenting. Hate speech has no place on my site.

4: If you swear in comments, your comment won’t be displayed automatically. But it could still be approved. I swear like a drunken sailor with a broken leg. It’s fun. It’s okay to swear at characters in the comic, it’s just not okay to swear at real people.

5: Please try to keep comments on topic. My comment section is not a message board or a role playing forum.

6: Please, no thread killers. If your comment is constantly negative, inappropriate, or rude, I will delete your comments and eventually ban you. I don’t want to do that. Please be civil, and think how your comments come across to people who don’t know you.

7: I will ban and edit comments as needed. I want to build a friendly welcoming community. I don’t want to ban anyone, but if there are a few bad seeds out there, I’ll step in.

Remember, be nice. We’re all friends here.