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Races of Faya

Races of Nobility

Fairies: Fairies are the most numerous of all the ruling nobility and hold the most territory in Faya. Both genders are very feminine but males are easily identifiable by their horns. Female fairies have small nonfunctioning insect like wings on their back. All fairies are charismatic and both male and female fairies are admired for their beauty.

The fair-folk live long but how long is up for debate. Some claim to be immortal. Most believe their life maximum life span is 1200 years. Very few fair-folk live to be that old, a life cut short by death or illness is not unheard of. Fairies can suffer poor health and lack a strong constitution of other races. Most fairies live for 300 to 600 years Ruling families create alliances with other families. All fairy kingdoms are under the rule of one ruling pair, a matriarch and a patriarch. The fickle nature of the fair-folk is often seen in their politics, ruling pairs often crumble under stronger alliances.

The fairies keep to their own kind and are closes to brothers and sisters near their own age. Personal relationships walk hand and hand with family politics. The fairies are lovers of fine art, music, fashion, and literature. Most fairies live up to their reputation of being self-centered and shallow, but a few are open and friendly towards other races. Fairy kingdoms are centered around a large city. Fairy cities are very cosmopolitan.

Common saying: “You know what they say about the fair-folk, one way or another they’re all women.”








Drac-neen: The races of dragons have long been extinct. The Drac-neen believe they are dragon-men descended from the race of pure-blooded dragons. Males and females are very similar in appearance. They have green scales, serpent like heads with a thin snout ending in a beak and large horns at backs of their heads. They have large leather wings and long tails. A few drac-neen have dark green or black scales. These variations are considered exotic. Females are smaller in height and have a softer voice.

Drac-neen kingdoms are smaller than the fairy kingdoms, but are more exclusive. Drac-neen are the dominate population of their kingdoms with other races being in a service roll. The drac-neen have a long history of isolation many of them are xenophobic. During the last century more drac-neen have left their kingdoms to explore, but even these explorers carry themselves with an air of superiority. All drac-neen are capable of flight. Travelers are more likely to fly by night than travel by daylight. Other races are considered unworthy to see them in flight.

Like their ancestors all drac-neen can breathe fire. Because of this many pursue a life of sorcery to better understand their connection to their past. Honor and dignity are the two most important traits to drac-neen society. Their kingdom is more democratic and loyalty is toward the drac-neen races than any one kingship. Most of the people of Faya see the drac-neen as racist.

Common saying: “The drac-neen think they’re better then everyone.”