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After weeks and weeks of the bad guys getting their way, two of our heroes are finally on the same page!

Pun four years in the making!

A while back, someone asked why the elves didn’t think Ramses was girl. Most of these elves have been underground for years. The tides of fashion  are a bit lost on them. And since they have a warrior based society, they tend to see everything through that filter.

I can’t wait till they see someone wearing a corset….

“Obviously it’s some kind of body armor. Why else would you where it? But it’s a bit odd that it disables movement at the waist. Must be part of a fighting style.”

Busy Writing

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Hi guys! I’m sorry that I dropped off the face of the world this weekend. There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes and  I wanted to write a bit more than my standard Facebook blurb.

This summer I started a writing class. It’s been great! But I think it’s shed some light on how disorganized my writing process has been…

It's all in my head

Right now,  my scripts are scattered everywhere. I’ve got so many notebooks of handwritten scenes, multiple word docs listed as “Final-Final-version 3” and posted notes with bits of dialog written out. I’m still trying to get my old chapters written out in digital form…

Cat at work

Digital files are immune to cat drool…

Someone in my class recommended a piece of software called Scrivener. It’s been REALLY helpful. I was a little unsure about jumping on to new software, but I’m really happy with it. I can just drag and drop scenes in as needed and flesh out what parts of the chapters that I’m missing. There’s also a ton of YouTube tutorials out there so it’s been easy to use.

Just getting my outline in one place lets me see how the this series will work . I know Dark White will be multiple books, but how many? Five? Ten? Forty goddamn books? Hopefully not forty, I would like to finish this series in my lifetime…

I’m not expecting to get everything written out all at once. This will be an ongoing process. So now, I’m trying to write out as much as I can while still drawing my pages. As you can see, so far that’s failed… But! I will do better. I have to, because I want to move this story forward.

I’m still figuring out a balancing act of writing and illustrating.  I will do my best to get the next page out to you as soon as possible. I know we got a fight scene coming up and I’m excited about that!

Today is a national holiday here in the U.S. I’m going to use the day to write as much as I can while the inspiration is still hot. Then I’ll jump back into comic pages tomorrow.

Thanks for your support! I’m going to get some coffee and head back to work.