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If you find yourself in a zombie apocalypse, it really helps if you’re a pyromancer. Although Ronto-arc looks a little worse for wear…

I love the way this page came out! It threw me off my schedule but I feel like it’s worth it.

I’m not sure if I’ll have a page in time for Thursday, but I’ll do my best. You can keep up with my progress on Facebook, I try to make sure keep people updated as to what’s going on with me and when the new pages are up.

Back to work! Thanks guys!

The Drac-neen

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I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek on what a full blooded drac-neen would look like.

I’ll add color to this later. The drac-neen on the right is female, and her partner on the left is male. females have a more somber and muted color palette, similar to female birds. The males tend to be more colorful. Both tend towards blues and greens, reds and yellows are pretty rare. Albinism and melanism are common in both genders. Albino drac-neen often have hearing problems, and can be deaf.

Babies are born from eggs and the ladies to not breast feed their young. I think that’s one of the reason Ronto-arc’s parents thought they were in the clear when they were teenagers. They thought there was no way they would get pregnant… Surprise! Twin-babies! Hybrid children are a little weird, and that’s one of the reasons why people are so superstitious about them.

The drac-neen live on an island nation called “The Dragon’s Hide.” Most of the mainlander call it the “Isle of the Drac-neen.” ¬†The drac-neen rarely leave their island and tend to be a bit¬†xenophobic of outsiders.