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It’s not so much a flying horse as it is a flying pig-horse… but close enough.

Students of mythology will notice that I’m taking a lot of artistic liberty with my Sleipnir design. For one thing, she’s more of a wild boar than I horse in Dark White. My reasoning is that I don’t think this is the kind of animal that’s a vegetarian. Pigs will eat anything! Or anyone…

I’m also using 6 legs instead of 8. For the same reason Disney’s Ursula has only 6 tentacles instead of 8. ┬áThe extra limbs get in the way of the design and are harder to keep track of as I draw…

Thanks for sticking with me while I let my body heal, and thanks for the warm wishes. It helped. <3

New Blog

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I’ve wanted to have a blog separate from the main comic for some time now. I’ve learned a lot from the online community and I want to give back a little. In the future I plan to post tutorials on comics, thoughts on webcomics and films, and personal garbage from time to time.

At the moment there isn’t much here. Just making sure that this works. Test test test….

We good?

We good. :)