Mysterious thing is mysterious….

I like that this page is an echo of my first page. My art style looks so different now.

I think I leveled up.


Artist Update

Inside Lilly’s brain:

The Angel on my shoulder: “Oh great. Did you see the comments? We messed up the page numbers!”

Demon on my shoulder: “Ahh… math. My old nemesis… Damn you Dyslexia!”

Shoulder-Angel: “You can’t blame dyslexia on this! This is basic math! How did we mess up counting?”

Shoulder-Demon: “I am an artist! I can’t be bothered with such contrivances as page numbers! I’m world building here!”

Shoulder-Angel: “I mean we couldn’t bother to look at how we’ve archived our old pages? I’m not even sure if that’s consistent…”

Shoulder-Demon: “The story must go on! Just go and change the page number to 176. No one will notice.”

Shoulder-Angel: “What about the Facebook-post? Twitter? Patreon!? Someone will notice!?

Shoulder-Demon: “I’ve already moved on and I’m ignoring you.”

Shoulder-Angel: “But-”

Shoulder-Demon: “IGNORING YOU!”

Shoulder-Angel: “Fine… I’m changing it… I just feel bad that we slipped up.”

Shoulder-Demon: “Good. Now let’s never speak of this again.”