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Prince of the Fair Court

Species: Fairy

The youngest child of King Acheron and Queen Lethe, the fairy king and queen of Faya. Ramses is a fast learner with a strong heart. He loves books, fashion, and is especially fond of feminine clothing. He has many brothers and sisters, but few friends in the royal family. His closest friend is his brother Gawain. He prefers the company of people outside of court, and is often frustrated by family politics and traditions of the aristocracy.



Mysterious creature of the underworld

Species: Pit-mutant

Orin was born in the underworld as part of a race of pit-mutants. Creatures born to be the demon’s food supply and work force. Unlike the other pit-mutants, Orin was born with a second sight. His strange abilities caught the eye of the fallen goddess, Titus. Now he is her prisoner, and her slave. 
Orin wasn’t given a name at birth. In the underworld, he’s referred to as “it”, “seer” or “Oracle.” He gained his name from interactions with Ares in the living world.



King’s solider

Species: Werewolf

Ares is part of a pack of werewolves that guards the fairy kingdoms against elven invaders. She is kind and jovial, but has a feral side that can lead her to violence. Her best friend is Ronto-arc, a soccer, that she’s known since childhood.
She’s covered in scars from her many battles and is partially blind in her right eye.
Ares has lost many people she cares about to the elves. She's sworn revenge against them and their high priestess, Ishtar.



Pyromancer and sorcerer

Species: Half Drac-neen and half tygon hybrid

As a hybrid, Ronto-arc lives as an outcast outside of the king’s city. Hybrids are often called “mule” as an insult and are not well liked in the kingdoms of Faya.
Ronto-arc has been friends with Ares since they were children. He's developed a bit of a crush on her. His mother and sister died when he was young and was never wanted by his father’s family.

He lives alone in the mountains where he’s surrounded by his beloved books. He has a passion for sorcery and tends favor fire spells.



Street kid

Species: Tygon

Katie is a young tygon about the age of twelve. Twelve is just a guess. She lives on the streets with her mother she doesn’t keep track of years. Katie and her mother, Rose, live in an abandoned building in dirt-side. The poorest part of the king’s city. 
Finding enough food to eat for her and her mother is a constant struggle, so she’s learned to be quick and resourceful. She’ll lie, cheat, and steal to survive. Aside from her mother, she doesn’t have any friends.



Mysterious stranger

Species: Kitsune

Moyra has been living in the king’s city as a shadow. She keeps to herself and guards her emotions, and her secrets. She has one friend in the city, Willow, the only one she would trust with her past.



Lost soul

Species: Elf

An elf who’s left his colony. Uther lives outside the safety of his people’s kingdom and is seen as an enemy of the kingdoms of Faya. Why he left the colony and how he’s survived remains a mystery. 



Fallen prince

Species: Zombie (formally a fairy)

Before the war, he was a spoiled prince. He was arrogant, selfish, and didn’t think much about anyone outside of the royal family. Now he only thinks about eating. He’s very hungry…



Elf high priestess

Species: Elf

Priestess Ishtar serves the goddess Titus and rules as queen of the elves. Her kingdom is referred to as the elven colony, and it’s ruled as a religious cult. Ishtar doesn’t tolerate challengers to her rule, or heretics against Titus. She demands loyalty, both to herself and her goddess. She rules the colony with an iron fist and sees all other people of Faya as lesser beings to the elves.



The Gray Lady

Species: Goddess (fallen)

Titus was once a goddess. She argued with her sister on how the world of Faya should be run. Her siblings cast her out of the realm of heaven and sent her to live in the void, the space between the world of the living and the lands of the dead. Now she’s trapped there forever, unable to move from one realm to another. She longs for her freedom, and to destroy the gods that cast her out of heaven.

Titus can no longer use power by herself. She uses power from her seers to fight her battles outside of the void.



Plague - The White Horse

Species: Demon (formally a satyr)

Vega is a loyal servant of the goddess Titus, and one of her oldest demons. He serves Titus as a spy and top assassin, and is stronger and faster than he looks.

 He’s often tasked with menial jobs that doesn’t match his sense of ambition. He has a rivalry with the demon called Mars, and longs to lead the army of the undead. He's often sent to the elven colony as a messenger for Titus. 

Vega is covered in sores from the various diseases he has collected over the years, but they don’t seem to cause him any harm.

He is very fond of his pets and keeps many, including a large swarm of rats.

The rats are his only friends.



War - The Red Horse

Species: Demon (formally a centaur)

Mars is the demon in charge of Titu’s undead army. He commands an army of demons, zombies, and goblin slaves. He lives for battle and loves carnage. Any of his troops that fall short of his expectations are killed. Mars often works with other demons but has an uneasy working relationship with Vega. Vega would see them as rivals, and Mars views Vega as a pest unworthy of his attention. He has an impulsive nature that can lead him to missing important details.


Ginny Green Teeth

Famine - The Black Horse

Species: Demon (formally a naga)

Ginny doesn’t say much, and most people seem to think she never says anything at all. The only one she speaks to regularly is the goddess, Titus.

She is loyal to her goddess and doesn’t give much thought for anyone else.

She is always hungry and her favorite prey is children.

Some people say the zombie’s hunger comes from her.


Real name unknown

Death - The Pale Horse

Species: Unknown

Little is known about the creature known as “Death”. What his real name is and how he came to be in the underworld are unknown. He lies imprisoned underneath Titus’s kingdom, in the heart of the void. He possesses a second sight and telepathic abilities similar to Orin.

Death is quite mad, and dangerous to be near. Demons and goblins stay far away from him. Even Titus keeps her distance.

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