Name: Oracle
Real name: None given. The oracle was never given a name at birth. Anyone that addresses him calls him Oracle, Seer, Creature or “it”.
Gender: Male
Race: Unknown. Mutant of many different races
The Oracle was born in the underworld. He is one of many mutants that live under the control of Titus and her demons. Since early childhood, The Oracle has had a second sight. When Titus discovered his clairvoyance, she imprisoned him within her underground keep. There he is tied to a device known simply as “The Machine.” The Machine allows others to see The Oracle’s visions. The Oracle is often treated as little more then a tool in Titus’s growing army. Since his visions increase while under stress, the demons barely keep him alive.


VegaName: Vega
Other names: Plague, Pestilence
Gender: Male.
Race: Demon.
One of four high ranking generals in Titus’ growing army of demons. Vega was one of the first demons in Titus employ. His loyalty to her knows no bounds.

Vega is covered with sores from various diseases he has collected over the years, but they do not seem to cause him any harm. Vega is stronger and faster then he appears. He serves as Titus’ spy and top assassin.  He tends to work alone, or on rare occasion, alongside Famine.


TitusName: Titus
Other names: The Great Lady, Great Mother, Gray Lady, The Great Queen.
Other names (from other faiths) The Fallen Woman, Mother of Darkness, The Damned Queen.
Gender: Female
Race: Goddess (fallen)
Titus was once a goddess. She was gentle and beautiful. She and her fellow gods made the world from nothing. Titus argued with her sister over how the world would be run. Their arguments lead to war. As punishment for her hubris, she was cast into the underworld to be forever damned in the space between the land of the living and the dead, in a place called The Void. Titus collects souls from far and wide to create her army of demons. She watches the world of Faya. She whispers to those people who still worship her on the surface of the world. In the darkness of the underworld , she waits.

Name: Ares
Other names:  Wolf, She-wolf,
Gender: Female, often mistaken for male
Race: Werewolf
Ares looks more like a young man then of a woman her age. She is often mistaken for a man and doesn’t bother to correct anyone. She has broad shoulders and is covered with scars from her years spent captive in an elven prison. She has a large gash over her right eye that crosses with another scar on her forehead. She isn’t completely blind in her right eye, but can only see bright lights and shadows. Like many wolves, she has a mountain accent that makes her sound like she stepped out of an old western B movie.  She keeps few friends and has a hatred for all elves.


Name: Ramses
Other names: Rammy, Ram, Princess, Prince, Girl
Gender: Male
Race: Fairy
All fairies of Faya look very feminine regardless of gender. Even for one of his race, Ramses looks VERY Feminine. Like all male members of his race, Ramses has a horn. He is unique in that he has one horn as opposed to two. One horn is unusual, but not rare. Ramses is the youngest son of King Acheron and Queen Lethe. Being the youngest, Prince Ramses is not involved in matters of court and tends to keep to himself. Ramses carries himself an air of aristocracy, but once strangers get to know him personally they see that he is more akin to the common man then the ruling nobility.


Name: Katie
Other names: none given.
Gender: Female
Race: Tygon
Katie is a young tygon about the age of twelve. Twelve is just a guess. It can be hard to keep track of years when you live on the streets. Katie and her mother are homeless and live in abandon building in a rough part of the king’s city. Finding enough to eat can be hard, since there’s little to go around to the lower classes. But Katie can be quite the con artist. If a trick wont separate a rich man from his money, sleight of hand and a little pick pocketing will usually do the trick. But it’s not easy. If the King’s Guard catches a thief, a child will be sent to prison or a work house. But if the Thieves’ Guild catches a non-member who won’t pay them tribute, they’ll cut off your hands or kill you. For now, Katie and her mother are both living outside the sight of the King’s Guard and the Thieves’ Guild. The longer it stays that way, the better.

Name: Gawain
Other names: Prince Gawain, The Stag, Red Stag
Gender: Male
Race: Fairy
Ramses and Gawain are a part of a large family and have many brothers and sisters, but they have always been close. Being one of the younger sons of the royal family, Gawain is unlikely to see a position of power. Unlikely as it may be, Gawain is actively involved in family politics and up to date on the latest family gossip. His goal is to someday get a tittle of lord or viscount to maintain his life of privilege.  He takes care of his younger brother Ramses and tries to guide him, but his advice is often unheeded. Gawain can be stuck-up and set in his ways, but he means well. Ramses is still young and often sent back and forth between his mother’s and father’s twin kingdoms. While they are separated, the two brothers keep in touch by letters.

Name: Acheron
Other names: The King, His Royal Majesty, The four Horned King.
Gender: Male
Race: Fairy
Acheron is the father of Ramses and Gawain. The king has not had a happy marriage to his queen. He is the oldest living fairy in recent memory and has fathered many children, some with his wife and others outside of marriage.  Centuries of an on again off again relationship with his wife have led to a split in the kingdom. The king and queen live in two ruling cities. He rules his side of the kingdom and she rules hers. In his old age, the king is trying undo the damage he had done in his youth and become a better father to his children and a better king. But it may be too late. There are rumors that his queen is building an army, an army far greater than his own.

AdaphoiName: Adaphoi
Other names: Lame-leg, Ada
Gender: Male
Race: Werewolf
Adaphoi is Ares only living relative. Ada has a fondness for both Ares and Ronto-arc since he has known them both since they were small children. He thinks of himself as their father.  After his brother’s death, Ada became the pack leader and chief.  A series of devastating attacks by elves caused him to seek new wolves to strengthen his pack. The new and younger wolves refused to take orders from an old wolf with half a leg. Adaphoi was thrown out of his pack and forced to live as an outsider. Adaphoi lives in a small cabin in the wood along with his niece. His advice to the pack is no longer heeded and he serves his pack mates as their local blacksmith.

Ronto-arcName: Ronto-arc
Other names: Cat, Dragon
Gender: Male
Race: Drac-neen and Tygon hybrid.
Ronto-arc and Ares have been friends since they were children.  His mother and sister died when he was young and was never wanted by his father’s family. Hybrids are often called “mule” as an insult and are not well liked by the people of Faya. Faya’s prejudice towards hybrids has made him introverted and nihilistic. Ronto-arc has had few friends and his life and tends not to trust strangers.  He is often moody and quick to anger or worry. He has had a long-standing crush on his childhood friend Ares, who has yet to notice or reciprocate. Ronto-arc has a passion for sorcery and spends long hours study magic. He has natural talent toward elemental magic and tends to favor fire spells.